Supercube Parity Count Computation

The following shows the computation of counts for the number of orbits with parity for X-Centers, +Centers and Arc Centers given the Cube Dimension, number of Wing Edge orbits with parity and the Corner orbit parity. These computations yield the sames results as Christopher Mowla's Equations. Here is a listing of counts for cubes with dimension 6 to 23 for comparison.

N = Cube Dimension
W = #Wing Edge orbits with parity
Orb = Floor((N-2)/2) = #Orbits for Wings, XCenters or +Centers
W0 = Orb - W = #Wing Edge orbits without parity

Corner Parity
No Yes
X Centers 0 Orb
+ Centers W W0
Arc Centers 2*W*W0 W^2+W0^2-Orb