Starter Cube

Getting Started

To Solve The Starter Cube:

First solve the corners on a face with a colored center and then place your cube with the solved face on top so it matches one on this page. There are only two solve sequences as shown by the following, each of the other five cubes shows how to make one of these two configurations. Both cubes have two misplaced facelets on the front face, the second cube has two more on the back face (turn cube with mouse to view). Press Play to solve.

Each of the following cubes has two misplaced facelets, one of which is on the front face. Press Play to see how to move the other one to the front face to match the first cube above. On the first cube below, the other misplaced facelet is on the back face.

This cube has four misplaced facelets, press Play to match the second cube at the top of the page.

These mirror-image cubes each have three misplaced facelets, press Play to match the second cube at the top of the page. A quick way to make sure your cube is in the proper position before applying the sequence is to check the location of the corner facelet on the bottom face (turn cube with mouse to see bottom face). Only one of the three misplaced facelets is visible when the cube is placed in the proper position as shown, the first step in the sequence moves it from the bottom row to the top row. The second move lines up two vertical pairs of misplaced facelets (as it does on the cube above which is closely related to these cubes).

Next is the 3-Color Corner Cube or if you want to learn to how to solve the Starter Cube more efficiently (with fewer moves) there is Advanced Solving.